About Dhulikhel


Dhulikhel is a naturally and culturally rich destination for tourists seeking to escape the hustle and bustle of Kathmandu city and an ideal stop-off point on your way to the Tibetan Border. Straddling on a ridge with breathtaking views of the eastern Himalaya, the town is easily accessed from Kathmandu by the Arniko Highway, now a modern road; it was at one time an ancient trade route, with Dhulikhel being a main trading hub between Kathmandu, Tibet and India.
Historically, Dhulikhel is a Newar settlement. The Newars are an ethnic group of Nepal who originally inhabited the Kathmandu Valley. They are renowned for their outstanding craftsmanship and woodcarving skills which is evident in all the traditional homes around the old town and is also replicated in our Mountain Resort. Newars are also perhaps the oldest and most traditional of Nepal's ethnic groups and have a culture strongly based on religion, celebrated with a calendar of festivals that would even put New Orleans to shame.

In Dhulikhel

Aside from the breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalaya stretching from Langtang to Everest and beyond, there are plenty of interesting sites to see in the town. Take a short drive from the Resort and delve into the heart of the old town where you can loose yourself to time in the tangle of cobbled laneways, discover ancient houses with sagging wooden frame works, intricate carvings, hidden temples and thriving market squares. Discover the color and culture of this vibrant place as you wander past old men smoking pipes, women hand spinning wool, traditional wood carving workshops and hidden gardens through ancient archways. To the east of the town, past a local art gallery you can find the picnic ground and rest awhile before climbing the "Hazar Sindhi" (one thousand steps) to the Kali Temple, where you can be inspired by the snow capped peaks rearing above the steeply terraced foothills.